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Welcome To Simpletec

Simpletec Automatics Pvt. Ltd. is the flag ship company of Simpletec Group of Industries. Simpletec Automatics Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 1994 by Mr. M Saha Talukdar and Ms. Monika Saha Talukdar to manufacture custom built machines. Within few years, the company became known throughout the world as a reputed Manufacturer of very special machines like Track Presses and Undercarriage Rebuilding Machinery, Electro-hydraulic Marine Cranes, Quench Presses and Custom Built Machinery.

Featured Products

Track Press TP-400
Marine Crane FB5-6.6
Quench Press SD-30
Rail Testing Machine BT-150


Simpletec Machines are Robust Design, Highly Productive and Easy to Operate.